July 23, 2006

The Zune tune

Are you addicted to iTunes, iPod?
Well now Zune gets the Microsoft nod.
It will attempt to grapple
With the hit scores from Apple,
Will it win? Can't say - honest-to god!

CNN.com 21/07/06: Microsoft Corp. said Friday it plans to release a new music and entertainment player and accompanying software under the "Zune" brand this year, in a belated attempt to challenge the dominance of Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod player. Read about it here


  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    did u see the iPod redesigned by microsoft video?

    check it at my vlog here

  2. Except that
    - Zune will automatically update itself every 5 minutes and pester you to reboot.
    - My Windows blew might become literal in case of Zune
    - If it follows the Windows Media player suite, for every other song, it will search internet for half hour and THEN tell you it didn't have the codec to play the song

  3. Anonymous6:06 PM

    zune sounds close to a word in konkani that means 'old'.... :)