July 24, 2006

For Prince and open pits

For the last two days all eyes were glued
To the TV, as a child was rescued,
From the depths of the earth.
It was like a re-birth
For Prince, who’s one hell of a dude!

But tell me this, who will take care
Of all manholes that are lying bare?
Will they now get a cover
Or will we wait to discover
Another life in need of our prayer?

Indian Express 23/07/06: As India watched and prayed, 6year old Prince, who fell into a narrow 60ft pit, was rescued after 50 hours of army drill. Read the details here


  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    What a heart-wrenching image
    Of a child just 5 years of age,
    Spending 50 hours in a pit
    With the Army doing its every bit
    To rescue this true Prince of Courage.

    Of the manholes lying agape
    Offering no route of escape
    To anyone going down the drain
    Especially in times of rain -
    Only God can cover these blots on landscape.

  2. Looks like our MSM is coming off age(!!).They seem to be analyzing the market perfectly.Time for Ekta Kapoor to recheck her TRP ratings.
    If our sufferings would have made good stories to shoot up cable news TRP ratings, maybe our mai-baap sarkaar would have come to know of our pleadings.But as Bankim Chandra lamented a long time back "My life lacks the elements of a best-seller" :(