July 12, 2006

Never say-die in Mumbai

At first, they were shaken by the rains
Then were faced with blasts in their trains
Yet despite all the strife
Mumbai goes on with life
And we see how an indomitable spirit reigns.

On 11/7/06 Mumbai was subjected to serial blasts on its western suburbian train lines. Get all the updates on the blasts on DesiPundit


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Yes..we go back to our regular ways.

    Full staff attendence at work. :)

  2. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I feel at a loss for words. My heart is full and heavy...All I can say is
    Salaam Mumbai..

  3. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Yes I am proud as a mumbaikar about the way we have moved on but i would have been happier if people from all walks had walked out on the streets in a silent protest and lit Candles at all the blasts sites.

    Visited the near and dear of the victims and contribute directly to their needs instead of waiting for some dirty politician, opportunist and or some NGO. We need not now depend on them, we have stood together and we must now act together.

  4. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Enough's said of Mumbai's spirit and resillience,
    There must be limits to the city's
    The city should not be taken for granted
    And really strict action is warranted
    Against perpetrators of terror and violence.

  5. yes hats off to the city's resilience but its not to be taken for granted

    And the city also proved that the 'rudest city' definition was quite a misnomer!