July 3, 2006

End it like Beckham

In the football field we saw him cry
Now Beckham bids captaincy goodbye
Giving up his crown,
He quietly stepped down
After England’s ‘Cup’ dreams went awry!

BBC Sport 2/07/06: David Beckham has decided to step down as England captain after holding the role for six years. But the Real Madrid star does want to continue his international career. Beckham revealed his decision at England's final news conference in Germany in the wake of their World Cup quarter-final defeat by Portugal. Read about it here and here

Do you agree that it was the right time to 'end it'?


  1. Absolutely - he should have stepped down after the Euro 2004 debacle. He has been a total liability over the past 2 years.

  2. hmm but he did enhance the team's glamour...let's not forget he's given some wonderful football moments in the past :-)

  3. What glamour has to do with football ? probably for this reason, he should have been sacked.

    Pele has given the greatest football moments for Brazilian team. Should they take him back ?

    this guy is nuts and he should be thrown out. Offcourse, this does not improve the chances of england in future as the team is ridiculous.