May 5, 2006

Let's talk IVF

Old News: Whose baby is it anyway?

Two people decide to make
A baby, and then they break-
Up. She is dejected
As her claim gets rejected.
In such cases, there’s so much at stake! On Friday, June 25, 2004, an infertile woman lost her appeal to use her own frozen embryos to try for a baby over the objections of her ex-partner.

New News: Too old to be a mother?

At 63, she plans to become,
Using IVF technology, a mum.
Though experts riled,
“You’re too old for a child!”
To their warnings, she will not succumb.

Telegraph 05/05/05: A psychiatrist who is due to become Britain's oldest mother at the age of 63, was criticised last night by IVF groups, sociologists and even a family member. Read about it here


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    A mother can be never too old
    If she can a pregnancy hold.
    In her quest for fulfilment
    She went ahead and got pregnent
    Even if 63 seems a lil' bold!

  2. It does seem a little bold, doesn't it? Let's see if it brings on any new laws stating that women cannot have babies whenever they feel like it.