May 5, 2006

The art of insulting in verse (II)

I feel mean today. So let me begin the day by insulting 2 of my writer friends.

A - This is for Minx

Let me tell you about my pal Minx,
She has problems with long posts methinks.
Once heard her confess -
"I like saying more with less,"
Read her poems, you'll be done in three blinks!

Note: Minx aka Asmita is well known for her crisp 'miniature' poems. Her blog can be found here

B - This is for Suniti

Ms. Suniti's caterpillar assumes
That he's a dragon, minus the fumes.
The shrink’s conclusion -
“It's a case of delusion;
In the horizon, schizophrenia looms!”

Note: To appreciate this insult better, do read Suniti's brilliant poem The Dragon and the Caterpillar

Feeling much better now, thank you :-))


  1. So I invade you blog too !
    Great ! Your limericks are fun :)


  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    How to write something adverse
    To me, it seems quite perverse.
    But Aps, you deserve a few kicks
    For your whacky, funny limericks.
    The third line, I hereby reverse.

    (For it's I who gets the kicks reading your whacky, funny limericks!)

  3. Hi Suniti, welcome to my blog!

    Lol Padmaja, too cool :-))