May 14, 2006

The Carnival of Moms

The Carnival of Moms is up and running at the Savant's blog. Visit for some interesting Mother's Day Limericks.

Here are my thoughts:

On this truth, I am ready to swear,
Since God could not be everywhere,
He fashioned these others,
And titling them 'mothers',
Gave them part of his creation to bear!

She held you nine months in her tummy,
Was excited when you called her 'mummy'.
She hugged and she scolded,
You were nurtured and moulded,
And she made all those cookies, real yummy!

You may feel you don't owe her a dime,
She's a nag, who's now well past her prime.
But remember those years,
When she hugged off your fears,
On this day, give her a gift -- of your time.

Padmaja has posed an interesting question regarding the need to have a 'Mother's Day'. Am cross-posting her piece here.

Do we need Mother's Day
To bring up the urge to say,
Ma, I love you n thank you
'Cos you are one of the few
With whom I always have my way!

I have just one question. Do you always get your way with mom?



  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Hi Aparna
    Thanks for cross-posting my limeick. Become a mom and then you'll know...
    Here's another..

    He calls her up every Mother's Day
    And always has this to say.
    Mamma, you're simply great!
    'Cos you'll so patiently wait
    For my call till the next 14th May!

  2. so true Padmaja...and such a pity too!

  3. If you're getting your way with your mother, she's just good at making you think you are.

  4. True..true...that's a very 'motherly skill':-))

    welcome to my blog inkspill!

  5. Anonymous4:31 PM

    heh, I know Padmaja AND her son... so my lips are sealed :))
    but my mom in law told me yesterfday - why shd my son think of me only today he should think of me all thru the year. yeah, true... (not that her son even knew it was mother's day and all that!)