May 11, 2006

The art of insulting in verse (III)

A few days back, I had posted about this fun exercise being run on Caferati. As part of that thread, my friend Gautami posted this limerick about me :-)

What have we done to deserve this?
Why do you write news limericks, sis?
So dull and boring
Utterly deploring
Sending you to Siberia will be a bliss!

The post ruffled my Bengali pride. Siberia indeed! Did she not know that when it comes to cold climates, we Bongs have the ultimate ensemble for keeping warm? I simply could not let this go unanswered ...

Madam, you may get the thrills,
Thinking I'll get the Siberian chills,
But boots, gloves, coat, shawl,
(And a monkey-cap atop it all),
I, a Bong, have great 'cold-battling' skills!

To learn more about Bongs aka Bengalis, their 'cold-battling' skills and the monkey-cap connection, do read this post


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Can we get to read more of this? Cause this is really hilarious!

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Why Siberia, why go that far?
    Let's send Aparna to our own Bihar.
    She will have good company
    Of mosquitoes playing symphony
    And can write limericks by the hour!

  3. Good to see my limerick here! Thanks Aparna! And I agree with Padmaja!