April 17, 2006

Requesting Cruise Control

Tom Cruise said, “It is my dream -
While delivering, Katie won't scream.
Scientologists like us,
Should give birth without fuss.
I’ll coach her; after all she is on my team!"

But then sometime later, he quit-
Said, “If she wants pills, let her have it.
It is ultimately her choice,
Whether or not she’ll make noise.
My dream may not be practical, I’ll admit!"

Dear Tom - Guess what? I believe,
Of your senses, you've begun to take leave.
Pipe down, my dear fellow
From the rooftops don’t bellow.
You know, women have been giving birth since Eve!

I don't know whether or not it will be a 'silent birth' finally, but Tom Cruise is sure creating one hell of a noise around this upcoming event! It seemes that Cruise, who has turned their home into a mini-hospital for his pregnant fiancee Katie Holmes, is now saying that she can use painkillers during birth. Read about it here.

An earlier post on Tom and Katie can be found here


  1. "You know, women have been giving birth since Eve!"

    **claps** Spot on! :-)

  2. Not at all Leena! The more, the merrier :-)

    Thanks Priya! *bows*

    jhbm - sure, will check it out

  3. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Boys will be boys
    That's why all this noise.
    During delivery when Katie screams
    Boy Tom continues to harbour dreams
    that she'll somehow retain poise!