April 19, 2006

Fish tales

Said the fish, rather coyly to a
Hawaiian - “I am all set to do a
Hula with a swish,
For I am the State fish.
My name? Humuhumunukunukuapuaa!”

Forbes 18/04/06: Hawaii may reinstate the humuhumunukunukuapuaa as the State fish.


  1. I tried singing the limerick - results were disasterous, to say the least. ;-)

    Lesson learnt: Don't sing the limerick, just enjoy it as it is. :-)

  2. Aha - you should not sing it.Try chanting it as you do the hula dance. That should work! Do let me know the results :-))

  3. The chanting is almost fine (almost, because when I get to the name of the fish, my tongue gets knotted!) but..the hula dance? well, lesson learnt: I cannot dance, so I should stop kidding myself that I can! :-(

  4. Don't give up so easily Priya, tongue-twisters are good for the soul they tell me :-))