April 26, 2006

OEDILF - An online Limerictionary

The OEDILF (The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form) Project, is an international writing project that aims to to write at least one limerick for each and every word in the English language.

I am proud to be a part of this project. My first limerick that has been approved to be part of the limerictionary is being cross-posted here.

The word is: Bankmail (Limerick #14308)

Our takeover bid will prevail
If our rival is forced to turn tail.
We must take this chance—
Plug their source of finance;
Let a bankmail be signed without fail!

Note: A bankmail is an agreement made between a company planning a takeover and a bank that prevents the bank from financing any other potential acquirer's bid. Such agreements are meant to stop other potential acquirers from receiving similar financing arrangements.

Please visit OEDILF for some great fun stuff! If writing limericks is your passion, you are also welcome to be part of the project.


  1. Reproducing all comments here:
    Charu said...

    been there, done that (almost:))


    Padmaja Iyengar said...
    Congrats Aparna. I am truly a great fan of yours. Keep up the great work. And thanks for the info on OEDILF. Now others too can try contributing there. Who knows....!?

  2. Congrats Aparna! A first, but, I trust, not a last. It seems a nice venue for your talents!
    About the bankmail concept per se -- it really reminds one of the dirty tricks found in various quarters of evolving life, espeicially in the plant and insect world etc. For instance, how (if I have my anecdote correct) biochemical compounds in decaying leaves of certain trees will discourage the local growth of rival trees. This kind of stuff has been going on for a long time. ;-)


  3. Great job... Keep up the good work and congrats... Have been lurking around for the last couple of weeks...

  4. Thank you all!

    Padmaja, you are welcome to join the project. I find that the workshops there are a great help to improving limerick writing.

    Born a libran - welcome to my blog :-)