April 26, 2006

Nosing around!

Of all noses defined, this one's darker
Draws attention to secrets - like a marker
The owner, as you guessed,
With prying is obsessesed
Can you guess who it is? Nosey Parker!

And who had the nose that grew
When its owner spoke something untrue?
Cutting him to size
For telling those lies -
Well it's Pinocchio, dear friend, that's who!


1 comment:

  1. I am reproducing your comment here, Padmaja...I loved this one :-)

    Padmaja Iyengar said...
    Very nice limericks, Aparna. I really enjoyed them.Happy writing.
    Here's mine on the nine lives of a cat..

    A cat on despondency side
    decided to commit suicide.
    So she went under the wheels
    of eight automobiles
    And under the nineth one, she died.