March 13, 2006

Mind your language!

There once lived a young British sod
Who could not write English, how odd!
When asked, “You fool,
Why don’t you go to school?”
He bristled, “I’m an undergrad at Oxford!”

London, March 12: British undergraduates are incapable of composing even the most basic English sentences, according to a damning new report. The Royal Literary Fund study, due to be published later this month, describes the writing skills of young people starting university as a public catastrophe. Based on evidence from more than 130 professional writers working in 71 universities under a scheme launched in 1999, it exposes “shocking” inadequacies in all types of institutions and all academic departments. Even students who have won places at elite universities to study English literature “lack the basic ability to express themselves in writing”. Get the story here


  1. There are many amonsgt us who bite
    Who only pretend along to know all & write
    When co-writers it bothers and smothers
    Then, why do they go on critiquing others
    They smirk and say, “I will coz I have the might.”


  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    loved this one. I have seen this to be true. in my early lse days, a british classmate (whose english I used to cringe at) asked me if I had taken any special classes in english - and didn't beleve me when I said no - then how did i speak good english. yeah, right. should have told her I went for a hi-fi english fleuncy course.