March 13, 2006

Celebrating Basic Instinct

Celebrating International Women’s Day
The sizzling Sharon Stone went on to say
“Folks, I am no prude
Will appear in the nude
So come watch, let your Basic Instinct hold sway!”

Tel Aviv (Reuters 09/03/06) - It may not be what Sharon Stone wants to discuss, but the actress is happy to confirm that, yes, she does indeed get naked in her next movie, the sequel to the 1992 hit "Basic Instinct." When in Israel to promote International Women's Day, Stone was badgered not about the fairer sex, but instead about her role as a sexed-up serial killer in "Basic Instinct 2".


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  2. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Sharon Stone makes no bone

    About her job to moan and groan

    Basically nude

    She's no prude

    Promises to deliver till she's a crone.