March 3, 2006

Keep walking!

Don’t be glued to your chair, oh clerk,
Burn those calories – walk while you work.
Please use, if you will,
The office treadmill,
It’s a war against flab, not some quirk!

New York (Reuters 03/03/06) - Workers of the world, walk. Fueled by research conducted by a Mayo Clinic obesity specialist, some U.S. workers are spending their days on treadmills or indoor tracks, walking as they talk on the telephone, send e-mails and even hold meetings.


  1. Anonymous11:33 PM wonder the gyming industry is booming in metro cities.

    I have 5 my locality itself. Gone are the days when excersice meant taking a walk at the beach or a park.

  2. Ah but Sakshi, since burning calories nowadays is felt to be directly proportionate to burning a hole in your pocket, A walk in the park would be no good!

    I just read that Condi Rice is going on TV to talk about her fitness regime! Will shortly put up a post on that!