March 5, 2006

Greg vs. Ganguly: the saga continues

Sharad Pawar, as per latest report,
Gave Chappell his unflinching support
He promised inaction
Against Greg’s infraction,
Telling Ganguly, he could well go to court!

DNA Sport 04/03/06: Even as the Cricket Association of Bengal tried to up the ante on the Greg Chappell controversy, the Board of Control for Cricket in India said the issue is a closed chapter. “There is no controversy here. We don’t want to take the issue seriously,” BCCI president Sharad Pawar said on Friday. “Whatever action needed to be taken, has been taken,” he told DNA. Pawar also confirmed that Ganguly had contacted him on the matter. “I’ve told him about the action we’ve taken. We’ve nothing more to say on the matter.” Pawar maintained that he was not aware if Ganguly wanted to take the matter to court. “If he wants to go to the court, that is his choice and prerogative,” the BCCI chief said.

The latest issue flared up when Chappell, in a controversial interview to the British newspaper The Guardian, claimed that Ganguly wanted to cling on to captaincy for financial reasons.

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  1. Anonymous4:25 PM

    As cricket is very close to my heart
    Without repartee I could not part
    I had to say my ‘two bit’
    (Anyway nobody will probably read it!)

    Ganguly, we revered, put on a pedestal
    Didn’t foresee the eventual fall
    When on the winning streak he could do no wrong
    But now a mere petulant belligerent Bong

    Even after reading the writing on the wall
    He refused to heed the ‘go back’ call
    For an experienced man like him, it should be obvious
    History is always written by the victorious

    He had his glory and then some
    His gains as a captain have been handsome
    He should have been happy with this feat
    And gone back home to bask in it

    But by refusing to relinquish and let go
    A handsome farewell he did forego
    By some crafty political games (the leaked mail !)
    He thought his future would be a smooth sail

    ‘This Chap, a mere coach, I can have cast off’
    The Maharaja said with a scoff
    But the sacrificial lamb was a crafty foe
    He put up a fight and became the chief woe

    “off with the old and on with the new”
    Seems to be the mantra of the regime new
    With Chappel the helmsman playing his part
    Why would ‘Mr. Power’ upset the apple cart

  2. Hey, am sure glad to see you here and that was a cool composition!

    It's been ages, I know, I know! Will make amends shortly!