March 16, 2006

For Jessica Lall

At Tamarind Court she served for fun
While waiting for her place in the sun
But Fate deemed that Jessie
Die horrible and messy
Killed point-blank, by some VIP’s son.

Many years since then have scampered
With the evidence someone has tampered
The corridors of power
Made witnesses cower
So finally justice was unfairly hampered.

The trial thus turned out a sham
With the accused not giving a damn
As if to remind
That justice is blind
They were let off the hook, what a scam!

But with public snapping at their heel
The Delhi police had to file an appeal
Now a new team
Is working full steam
So that verdict the High Court can repeal.

Let us hope that in this long fight
True justice will one day see light
And Jessie will know
Though God’s mills grind slow
In the end they sure pulverize all right!

Read full coverage of the Jessica Lall Case here


  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Very well put Aparna. It's just total shocking to see that a murder infront of 100s of people..can go un-noticed.

    Hopefully we shall justice been done soon and NOT in another 7 years...

  2. Amazing - your limerick! :-)

    Shocking - what's happening to the Indian Justice system. And we all know this is not the only instance :-(

  3. madam, it has been decided to meet at Aqua Java at 1230 this Saturday. A crowd of 5-7 will be present. It will be nice to meet the writer of the limericks :) You cn also get the jy of seeing me eat :) Ciao!

  4. Justice delayed is not justice denied
    Here is hoping, for our hands are tied.