February 16, 2006

Tall claims?

From a Prosumer Study I surmise,
Among Indians, infidelity is on the rise
90% men are caught
70% women are not
But 10+ lovers by 30? Now that’s a surprise!

They say that the Indians are bored
Of counting how many they have scored
But a Durex survey
About 3 lovers convey
Now I wonder who has the correct record!

The Economic Times 16/02/06: The ET Euro RSCG Prosumer (prosumers are proactive consumers) Study reveals that Indians are going to indulge more in extra-marital affairs and have ten or more lovers by the time they are thirty. What's more, Indians are also more blase about extra-marital affairs than any other country where the study was conducted. This includes countries like the US, UK and France. Read about it here

On the other hand, also check out the global survey conducted by Durex in 2005 here and draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Hi Amit, thanks for the lead, will defintely look up the study.