February 16, 2006

Going shopping? Wear gloves!

Guess what are most bacteria-infested?
Well, a recent survey has attested,
(Oh scandal of scandals!)
It’s shopping cart handles!
‘Wash your hands with good soap’, it suggested!

Seoul (Reuters 14/02/06) - Shopping cart handles are the most bacteria-infested items among some commonly used objects while doorknobs on public bathrooms are not as bad as might be expected, according to a survey conducted in South Korea. Get the story here


  1. sounds like the movie along came polly

    The guy is a cleanliness freak. he goes: "you know much of the bacteria in restrooms is in the tap handles". people touch the handles right before they clean, and right after, but they never clean the handle itself.

    I think all of this tooooooo much (Vivek is now singing muchi muchi!! in the background :P)