February 24, 2006

Railway budget announced!

On TV, I saw the railway minister state -
“There’ll be no hike in freight or passenger rate”
His populist budget this year
Will enable Laloo, with cheer
To possibly score, against opposition, a checkmate!

Among some parties, they say, dissent is cooking
But the PM, industry, have called it ‘forward looking’
Now the budget airlines
Are reading danger signs
For the public may now rush to make train booking!

New Delhi 24/02/06: Railway Minister Lalu Prasad on Friday unveiled a populist budget, leaving second class passenger fares untouched and effecting 18 per cent reduction in AC first class and 10 per cent in AC second class fares. Read more about the budget here, here, here & here


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    I came looking for something on the Amar Singh tapes !!!

  2. Hey Sakshi, did not get around to putting that one up. Will do so by today or tom.

    Thanks for reminding me!