February 25, 2006

On Amar Singh, tapes & phone taps

The discovery
Mr. Amar Singh let out a groan:
"Some bugger's been tapping my phone!
Now my conversation
Will rock the Nation
Such impudence I shall not condone!"

The anguish
He thought, I do feel like zapping
People who did this phone-tapping
This is India, not States
I’ll soon seal their fates
A pity that these crooks caught me napping!

He wondered how many had peeked
Into the tapes, surreptitiously leaked.
They should confess
(Is it Mukesh? Congress?)
In any case, its a conspiration, he freaked!

The clarification
He then explained some part of his talk
"They are very clear - like cheese and chalk
As the telephoner
I swear on my honor
Never dreamt that these conversations would rock!”

“There's absolutely no need to fudge
About discussing the ‘attitude’ of a judge
Then ‘aarti’ - it means blessing
(Not lucre as per your guessing)
And light chats with actresses, why grudge?”

And finally...
He declared, "live and let live.
Kill the tapes, I’m willing to forgive.
Bringing me shame
Is a dangerous game!
This scandal, rest assured, I'll outlive!”

Webindia123.com 23/02/06: The unsavoury phone-tapping controversy flared up again today with Samajwadi Party General Secretary Amar Singh, in the eye of a storm over contents of his tapped phone conversations, alleging that the tapes were distributed by the Congress and a Mumbai-based industrialist to sully his image. ''There is nothing objectionable in my telephonic talks with party President Mulayam Singh Yadav, film personalities and industrialists,'' Mr Singh told NDTV, which is in possession of a CD, entitled ''Amar Singh Ki Amar Kahani,'', containing his tapped conversations, including the ones with Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) chief Anil Ambani and some film personalities.

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(**Disclaimer: This post is based on a current controversy in the Indian political scene. Please note that while it is based on news items, the direct speech used in the limerick is not verbatim quotation from Mr. Amar Singh. The quotation marks have been used merely to elaborate my take on the issue and has no link whatsoever with any speech that may have been made by Mr. Amar Singh in real-life).

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  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Aparna....this "ROCKS"..even more than the controversey itself.

    Too good..just can't stop laughing.

  2. Thanks Sakshi, am glad you enjoyed this one :-))

  3. this one is superb. :)