February 1, 2006

Bush speak!

Said Bush with a loud war-like cry,
Our technology, from now on, must try
To consciously foil
Our addiction to oil;
Then we may not need to milk the Middle East dry!

Now second-guessing on Iraq is all fine,
But since playing tough is a hobby of mine,
I’ll always vote for
Leading America to war
to any part of the globe where they are out of line!

And furthermore this much I’ll say
About the hoopla around phone taps today;
People are lying
When they say, ‘domestic spying
Is inessentia
l’. Well it helps keep the terrorists at bay!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) 31/01/06: President Bush said on Tuesday "America is addicted to oil" from the Middle East and must break its dependence, in a State of the Union speech that promised aggressive U.S. engagement around the world in defiance of critics.

Looking to restore confidence in his leadership, Bush stood before members of the U.S. Congress and the rest of Washington's power elite in the chamber of the House of Representatives to map out an election-year agenda for Republicans with a speech that was at times optimistic and at others combative.

And while he vowed to work to improve the tone of debate in Washington, he defended a domestic spying program that has Democrats outraged, and to his harshest critics on Iraq he said "second-guessing is not a strategy." Read the details here

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