December 8, 2005

A shot in the dark?

It is clear that Rigoberto did fret
But had he really made a bomb threat?
Or did marshals kill
A man mentally ill?
This is something we have not figured as yet!

MIAMI, Florida (CNN 08/12/05) -- Witnesses aboard an American Airlines jetliner say that Rigoberto Alpizar's wife pursued him, saying he was mentally ill, just before federal marshals shot and killed him. Air marshals said Alpizar had announced he was carrying a bomb. Get the story here


  1. To me sure seems the story thin
    The man did not commit a sin
    A terrorist didnt they shoot
    Nor someone carrying loot
    What they shot was some brown skin

  2. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Gawker's POV has some merit
    Trigger happiness takes all the credit
    Honed by the drill
    With license to kill
    The innocent die, whether it’s by state or terrorist

  3. When new situations the cops cannot figure
    They are readily pressing the trigger
    And though we are talking
    Somewhere unknown death is stalking
    And to be honest, to combat it we need rigor!