December 8, 2005


A sympathetic friend:

Mr. Natwar, your innocence is moot
It is better for you now to scoot
You are in a quagmire
With your fat in the fire
Pray to heavens they don’t ask you for the loot!

Natwar Singh:

Let me tell you, I’m not the sole crook
So such injustice I will not brook
They will be sorry
When I tell my story
Did I tell you? I am now writing a book!

The Times of India 08/12/05: Central minister Natwar Singh, under pressure from his Congress party and the opposition, after being linked to Iraq's oil scandal, on Wednesday formally quit Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's cabinet.

But an hour after he quit, Natwar Singh promised he would tell the truth about the Iraqi oil scam in a book he is writing. "From tomorrow I shall be writing a book and having a good time," he said, at a book release function in New Delhi. Get the story here


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    This is ur best so far....hahahaha !!

  2. Thank you madam, you never fail to boost my spirit :-))

  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Its the story of all Fall guy
    To cry their innocence to heavens high
    It's immaterial whether he scoots
    Or is forced to take the boot
    There's more to the iceberg than that which meets the eye...

    There must be a term for a limerik couplet...a Coupmerik?

  4. @Avi - What you say is so true!
    ... lol I don't know if there is such a name as Coupmerik :-))