December 13, 2005

A potboiler

Act I
While riding a bike with her man
A girl was kidnapped in a van
The family cried
For the to-be bride,
And soon investigations began

Act II
A day later, the same girl we see
Chatting, while sipping hot tea
The kidnap was an act
She had eloped in fact
And had married her lover with glee

The police tracked all of them down
Living in the northern part of town
She went home on bail
Leaving ‘husband’ in jail
'What a mess'! People thought with a frown!

Read more about the story here


  1. what way to remember you wedding day!!
    -thats all the skill I have to rhyme :-)

  2. hey A ... can u do one on the Neal 'N' Nikki flop show :)

  3. @sowmya - that rhyme is good!!

    @Swb - ok, will give it a shot:-)