December 13, 2005

Nice is out. What's in?

The build up
When the trailers said ‘naughty is in’
People hoped for some delicious sin
Not being too picky
About stars in Neal ‘N’ Nikki
Everyone waited for this film to begin

The story
There was once a boy named Neal
He was going to get married, big deal
Hoping to get laid
He went out and played
And this Nikki tried to aid him with zeal

The actual story
In the film, Uday Chopra feels lust
The very moment he sees butt or bust
And Tanissha? Oh no!
Adds to the skin show
But her nasal voice can fill you with disgust

The sum up
Yash Raj films do generally have class
But Neal ‘N’ Nikki is an exception, alas
Arjun Sablok
Perhaps meant to provoke
But his film turned out vulgar and crass

You can read some more reviews about the movie here and here


  1. Anonymous3:10 PM ROCK !

    Yours is a better review than mine. :)

  2. Lol Sakshi but then I did not pay for the film :-))

    A friend of mine N.Madhavan suggested a little editing of the last 2 paras. I have made some changes, taking into account his suggestions. They revised paras are are being stacked here.

    The actual story
    The virgin Uday has surging lust
    Every time he sees a butt or a bust
    And Tanissha? Oh no!
    Adds to the skin show
    But her nasal voice can fill you with disgust

    The sum up
    Yash's films are said to have some class
    Neal ‘N’ Nikki show a different colour, alas
    The megaphone-wielding Sablok
    Perhaps meant to provoke
    But his work turns out to be vulgar and crass


  3. Anonymous7:17 PM

    superb! you must start doing more such reviews :)
    Uma MD in her review of sorts, calls her the terminally cute Tanissha - I can only say "ugh"!

  4. ma'am, buy a domain and put all your limericks there. I'm pretty sure Microsoft and Yahoo would be knocking at your doorstep for advertisement space :D

    what a review! hats off.

  5. teriffic! hope to see many more of these .. after all there ia a regualr supply of Bollywood flops :) Thanks A. Muahh!

  6. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Uday Chopra in delusions of pizzaz
    feels that crass will regale us
    Tanissha belives skin's no longer cannibal fodder
    To not tax imagination is the day's order
    Strip for the green house effect, is now is all that Jazz

  7. @Avi-

    Well it has increased the push-up bra sale
    Since that is what attracts the male
    But when it comes to chest
    Perhaps Mallika is best
    By comparison, Tannisha looks pale!

  8. Thanks BD & SwB. Now I have a new category to write about :D

  9. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Aparna - Yaar..that really hurt. Pls don't remind me again that I busted my hard earned money...on something so ahhhhhhh 'crappy'.

    I have to add....the 'push bra' PERFECT. While watching the movie...I could not believe myself..that I was actually admireing Malike Sherawat's efforts compared to Ms. Nikki.

  10. Lol Sakshi...ok no more reminders!