November 6, 2005

Notice:Taking a break

For the next 10 days I’ll shut this door
An exciting trip is lying in store
But on 16th will be back
With my news-filled sack
So dear reader, do please return for more!

Hi friends, I will be away travelling for the next 10 days and hence there will be no new posts till the 16th of November. Take care and see you soon!



  1. Wow! News in limerick
    the idea is so chic
    but the day I come to see
    You probably away at sea
    this bookmark I will again click

  2. 16th is just 2 days dammit
    then why do i still clickit
    and hope to find a rhyme
    that doesnt smell of grime
    and educate me at the same time.


  3. Wow, 2 limericks penned in my absence! Thank you both:-)

    The rhymes continue...keep the feedback coming!