October 11, 2005

Truth vs. clout

If you’re an institute with money and clout
Then when someone dares to write about
Your unscrupulous ad
You may hurt them bad
But you’ll never be able to shut truth out!

With threats to burn the ThinkPad
They proved themselves a cad
Please don’t abet
Cheap use of threat
By ‘The Great Indian Dream’ gone bad!

Read the entire IIPM story at India Uncut and if you feel strongly about the issue, please add your voice to the cause at DesiPundit.


  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Hopefully the TRUTH will win in this situation.

  2. Yes Sakshi, I hope so too!

  3. Hi...
    Wonderful limericks... cmae to ur blog from desipundit.com..

    good work.. keep writing.,..

    And hope truth will come out in the IIPM Issue

  4. Thanks Aravind. I hope so too...

  5. woohoo aparna! awesome limericks as usual! and may the truth win in this blogwar!

  6. Came to your blog from Desipundit. Wonderful idea---reminds me of Laxman's and Sudhir Dar's cartoons based on a news item.