October 18, 2005

On sexism

Now if this world had only men
Some wise people say, then
There would be escape
From abduction, rape
And man would love his brother again.

So I wonder what made God conceive
The idea of adding an Eve
If in having only Adam
The world, a pure Sodom,
Would be better, as some people believe!

Get the story at Dilip's post - Sex ratio reaction

#Update 1: David Raphael Israel has written a lovely response to this verse, cross-posted on Caferati. Putting it up here for easy reference:

A world without woman would be
a world without water -- you see?
the earth without ocean
or heart sans devotion
were lifeless & heartless -- sez me

#Update 2: Already solutions are available for a world without Eve.

When there’ll be no women at all
Everyone can just buy this doll
The world’s sure to find
Great peace of mind
‘Coz she won’t answer back, so no brawl :-)

Link via Boing Boing


  1. *egyptian bows*

  2. and you have been blogrolled..

  3. In these days of women's lib
    Girls still missing from the crib
    Soon the planet will lose it's sheen,
    Women nowhere to be seen,
    And Adam will have to break a second rib.

  4. Anonymous10:08 PM

    wah wah Apu!
    wah wah Gawker!

  5. Thanks Sunil, Charu!

    Gawker - wow, that's too cool :-)

  6. Aparna --
    thanks for "publishing" my reply-rick!
    now that I'm famous, I guess I can retire.

    Keep up the funny-biz,