October 19, 2005

Gender bender

When wife asks for property or cash
The tormented man can now dash
To Sangya Balya, a place
That’ll offer him solace
And legal advice to boot, in a flash!

Harassed husbands unite against wives: Get the story here

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  1. Oppression in any situation is deplorable, isn't it?. So why should it be any different when its against a man, by his wife. You think its rare, do u think no other woman gets affected?- for your info when a wife falsely implicates the husband with mental physical cruelty and harassment, she usually implicates the sister and mother of the husband(because that kind of broad spectrum threat yields better results for her!). This too is a growing branch of popular oppression!.

  2. No Deep, I don't think it is an unusual thing for a man to be harassed - in these power equations the game can be played with equal viciousness by either party.

    Which is why the earlier post on the Tempestuous Eve has been linked to this one.