October 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Mr.Gates!

As Harvard dropout he was scoffed
But he held his dreams aloft
Walked without dread
On The Road Ahead
He is the man who chairs Microsoft

In the world of software he has brought
Windows, sans which we’re naught
Today he turns fifty
Yet remains nifty
As he does Business @ Speed of Thought


  1. Handsome tribute and good old Bill deserves every bit of it. Not easy to drop out of Harvard to chart your own course. Nice to bump into a fellow poet like you.

  2. Hahahaahahahahahah
    It was quite ummmm, interesting.
    you sure have a knack for it.. Cheers..I was also a Kolkata Blogger till a few months back :-)

  3. Thanks everyone, glad you liked the verse :)