October 27, 2005

For Rosa

It was not just about being unseated
But a protest, on being mal-treated.
Her defiance that day
A Nation did sway
And finally, segregation was defeated!

Rosa Parks, 92, Founding Symbol of Civil Rights Movement, Dies. Get the story here


  1. Great Post. Rest in Peace Rosa.

  2. Aparna,

    Read through your stuff here. How do you manage to come up with these:-)
    Bless you:-)

    Will keep coming back for more..

  3. Thank you both!

    Minal, will look forward to seeing you here :-)

  4. If I am not wrong she was the one who refused to vacate her seat and her definace gave Martin luther king a lot of impetus. Great tribute.

  5. Yes Hiren you are absolutely right. Often it is a small & simple act that can move the world :-)