June 1, 2009

Let's keep it clean for our CM

The CM's about to arrive;
So we must have a cleanliness drive.
Let's clear out the yard,
Keep those aid workers barred,
And relief work? Can go take a dive!

May 31/09: The Telegraph Calcutta - Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee today tasted the fury of Sunderbans’ relief-deprived cyclone victims, who riddled him with accusations during his visit and then chased and beat up the block development officer, part of his entourage, after he had left. [...] Anger boiled at the area’s “sanitisation” for the visit — police locked up the 50-odd villagers distributing relief, mainly tarpaulin sheets, in a tin shed for an hour and a half till Bhattacharjee left.“Relief workers are locked up, all the boats meant to ferry aid have been requisitioned for the visit; so what is the chief minister’s visit achieving?” Bijoy Dolui shouted as Bhattacharjee walked into BDO Amiya Bhushan Chakraborty’s office. Get the full story here


  1. this one couldn't have been more apt!