July 23, 2012

Newsmericks Gets Some Good Press,Courtesy Charu :-)

Okay folks, so Chief Inkspot is back from his vacation after admiring members of the BIG 5 in Kenya and getting drenched in the spray from the Victoria Falls. In the meantime, Newsmericks has been getting some good press, thanks to Charu. If you have not already her fun pieces, you should do so right now! You will find them here and here.

A very happy Inkspot immediately broke into verse - aksed me to post it as a thank you note to Charu. So here goes:

A young lady who's very bright,
Once realized Qual didn't excite
Her enough - she changed track,
And announced, "With my knack
For the written word, I'm gonna write!"

Well, since that day, years have rolled by,
And we must admit (Inkspot and I)
We're fans of her pen,
May she write on. Amen.
She's Charukesi Ramadurai :-)

And Inkspot says, "Thanks Charu dear,
For mentioning us with Ed Lear.
May it increase our rank,
Ring in cash in our bank--
With that fond hope and dream, let us cheer!

:D :D


  1. Fun post! I enjoyed your verse. Congrats!

    Madeleine Begun Kane

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