January 3, 2011

Shedding tears over expensive, rotten onions

Everyone worth their onions in India is well aware of the sky-high prices of onions in the market. So much so, that the road-side eateries are no longer serving them as part of the freebie salad that generally accompanies a meal. In such a scenario, it seems a pity that imported onions have been left to rot at the port. If the complaint is that the consignments coming in from Pakistan were partly rotten, then why buy them in the first place? Surely, this calls for a newsmerick.

Well, first of all we went and bought
Those onions, then left them to rot.
When asked,"Dear Sir, why?"
Came pat the reply --
"It's from Pakistan, could be a plot!

We found out that they had been sending
Us onions that are quite offending,
They've grown roots and shoots,
(Could be terrorist recruits)
So we've kept the health clearance pending."

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  2. when near to onion you can tears only.. Be happy.