December 27, 2010

Newsmericks is back!

Chief Inkspot was partying like crazy,
His memories of Newsmericks hazy.
Then on a fine day,
He heard himself say,
"Come write a new post - don't be lazy!"

So Inkspot went out, looked around.
Was shocked to see scandals abound,
Saw people in scams,
Like flies stuck in jams,
And crores of rupees run aground!

Now Inkspot was jolted awake.
"What's happening here, for goodness sake?
A li'l scam or two
I can easily chew
But these ones, they sure take the cake!"

From now on I promise, NO way,
Will fun, frolic keep me away.
I'll be on the ball,
Of news, views et al -
Newsmericks, once more, shall hold sway!


  1. Welcome back! You rock, as before.

  2. thanks abhishek, I read the post on your blog about your daughter - was lovely!

  3. Two lakh crores, bled in scams
    and the tribal people, live on yams
    no change of clothes
    no school to go
    future foreclosed
    a fevered brow;
    oh! nevamind, carve up the lambs!

  4. @manikchand - with sky-high prices, yams may be unaffordable as well!

  5. Well written article and keep up the work. Super likes.