August 20, 2010

Indian MPs give themselves a 300% salary raise

It is easy, I learned, if you try,
To get MPs to see eye to eye.
Get an issue they like,
Such as - salary hike,
And voila! Watch differences die!

Get the story here. Though they say now that there is quite a bit of dissent here too - dissenters  feel that a hike of more than 300% is not quite enough. They want a 500% hike. 


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    they say that death is a great equaliser
    but after seeing ministers i am wiser
    it is the moolah they make
    without being on the take
    that makes them smile and gorge on taxpayers paisa

  2. Servants of the people
    aint they
    Gotta have the latest set of wheels
    don't they
    Two hoots for the poor
    drown them in the Damodar
    Just take care of the bytes
    shan't they