May 5, 2009

On Protectionism, Free Trade & Outsourcing

The US, has now indicated,
That Free trade is way over-rated.
With threats of enforcing,
A curb on outsourcing,
Protection is being reinstated!

Washington, May 5 (PTI) 'Say no to Bangalore and yes to Buffalo,' seems to be the latest mantra of US President Barack Obama as he struggles to bring the ailing American economy back on track. Get the story here


  1. There are only two major hurdles in making such sweeping policy changes. First, investors in new businesses will be sceptical about Govt. policies in future, as they seem to change with the Governments. To oursource things doesn't really mean just giving work to somebody and forgetting about it! And imagine the huge investements made to enable the processes. Secondly, USA will cease to be globally competitive in a scenario where the products are not manufactured in countries like, say China. This is good for the countries which blindly buy products from the US companies as it could encourage local manufacturing for local consumption. Only if the local companies could keep quality. Hope that happens soon.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM

    that's quite a mouthful. limericks with really big words ending each line.

  3. It's fun catching up with your news limericks!