May 17, 2009

India elections '09: India decides to strengthen the hand

The voters said, we understand -
Our country needs stable command.
So they flung a few shoes,
Then when time came to choose,
Then went out and high-fived the hand!

What a day it turned out to be! The Indian voters finally put an end to all speculations regarding the rise of regionalism, fragmented franchise, need for severe horse-trading, holding government to ransom and what not, by delivering a clear mandate in favor of a stable government to be formed by the Congress-led UPA. Get more of the story here


  1. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Brilliant! I'm a fan of your limericks. You have most likely already seen this, but I want to bring this to your attention anyway:

  2. thanks for the link pranav! Chris, the judge for that contest is also the founder of OEDILF, which I am a part of. If you love limericks, do visit OEDILF sometime :-)

  3. love to see your newsericks!!!!! you're really talented.

    yonatan and i were just remembering our great lunch together and really wishing that we could get bangali food here!

    we hope you are well! send a note anytime.