March 3, 2009

On domestic violence

Domestic abuse -- it is hell.
It's violence that we have to quell*.
Help bring to a halt,
This in-home assault -
Just go ahead, ring that door bell!

Here is a message from Breakthrough asking everyone, both men and women, to get involved in their Bell Bajao campaign.

We're writing to call on you to get involved in our campaign, Bell Bajao (Ring the Bell), calling on men and boys to join women in bringing domestic violence to a halt.
As you know, Bell Bajao, has been already reached millions across India and is encouraging unprecedented engagement on the ground. We want YOU to be part of the action to promote women's rights.
Breakthrough is celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, by celebrating all those who are speaking out, through their actions, their beliefs, their music or art. Join the blog action week from March 2 - 8 on and tell us your stories. Write about those people who support women’s rights either through their passion, their work or in their personal lives. Stories can include photographs, videos and other visual elements to be posted online. Do include a short description of yourself as well (name, age, location, any additional details). You'll be joining some amazing male leaders like Bollywood actor and Bell Bajao ambassador Boman Irani . Notable author and former UN Undersecretary General Shashi Tharoor is writing...Fashion designer Sandeep Khosla is talking…Bell Bajao campaign creator Zenobia Pithawalla speaks out…Ad film director Bauddhayan Mukerji frames his views...Copywriter Ryan Mendonca crafts lines...activist Harish Sadani is taking a stand on The Bell Bajao Blog
So join Breakthrough in bringing domestic violence to a halt! Bell Bajao !

This is undoubtedly a good initiative and warrants active support. However, in my mind, domestic violence is NOT only about violence against women. It could be violence against men (yes, it happens), children or the elderly.We need to work towards alleviating all forms of family violence and make the home a safe haven for the people living in it. Help STOP all forms domestic violence. RING THE BELL!

*Quell = stamp out

1 comment:

  1. Ringing the bell shows you care
    How your neighbors and brethren fare
    Stop the violence, curb the crime
    Now's not the time to act the mime
    Save the neighbor from a vicious nightmare.