March 23, 2009

In support of the Total Sanitation Campaign

A campaign that seeks to provide
Sanitation for all, nationwide,
Has now found a creed
For their drive to succeed --
No toilet yet? Sorry, no bride.

The Total Sanitation Campaign run by the Ministry of Rural Development, aims to provide full sanitation coverage to all the rural areas across India by 2010. That gradually this campaign is making inroads into people's consciousness and making them aware of the need for toilets, hygiene, need for privacy etc., can be seen from this TOI report from Haryana.
Neerja Shekhar, director of the Women and Child Development department, Haryana, says it has been four years since Haryana embarked on a massive campaign to create awareness about sanitation with jingles on the radio, advertisements on television,posters and banners. For four years, the campaign sought to convince people. Today, it can be seen to have borne fruit. Much credit goes to the “no toilet, no bride” slogan in rural areas. Shekhar says that “as many as 1.41 million toilets have been built across the state in the recent past. (TOI, 22nd March, 2009).

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