February 12, 2009

The bait for a mate

A spinster real eager to wed
Was depressed and losing her head.
So a crook thought, "What luck!
Let me make a quick buck,
By having this maiden misled."

"How to get you a groom sis, I know.
All you have to do - kill a rhino.
At 3 lakhs, a steal,
For a sure marriage deal."
- Imagine, had it been a dino?

Dear ladies, the search for a mate,
May well make you stop thinking straight.
But if you're so dumb,
To such ploys to succumb,
Then, sure as hell, you're tempting fate!

TOI 12/2/09: MUMBAI: The Shivaji Park police are looking for a 36-year old tantrik who took nearly Rs 3 lakh from a 30-year-old woman and fooled her into believing that sacrificing a rhino would help her find a match. The accused, Farid Shah, even promised the victim to find one in UP. Get the story here

Link, courtesy: Ramesh Srivats


  1. Liked your limericks. Really amazing story how desperate and naive can one get! Are you on twitter also?

  2. clap clap clap

    i like wat i read

    and i like conmen movies

    would love to shoot one also

    both a movie and a conman :P

  3. Ya that is true Apana.These are i consider as parasitic people.