January 10, 2009

India's fuel crisis ends as striking oil company workers return to work

As the strike crippled fuel supply
And petrol pumps started to dry,
The Center spoke tough,
Said, 'Enough is enough!
Get to work, or else your fat we'll fry!'

MSN News, 09/01/2009: New Delhi - Within hours of the Government cracking down on them, ordering arrests and calling in the Army, the oil PSU (Public Sector Unit) executives gave in this evening and called off their three-day-old strike, which had crippled fuel supplies and affected power generation."Everything will be normal by tomorrow," Oil Minister Murli Deora said giving relief to millions of commuters, who were starved of fuel due to a majority of petrol pumps and CNG fuelling stations going dry because of the agitation.The Army was called in to manage loading and dispatches to petrol pumps as the Government ordered arrests and dismissals of officers keeping off work. Get the full story here

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  1. Good one, Aparna! Hope we continue to act tough so that nobody thinks of arm-twisting and holding public to ransom