March 20, 2008

RIP Sir Arthur C. Clarke

RIP dear Sir Arthur C. Clarke.
Writing sci-fi you had made your mark.
May you now find your place
In that great outer space,
As on new odyssey you embark.

AFP 19/03/08: Sci-fi guru Arthur C. Clarke dies in Sri Lanka aged 90. Read about him here

1 comment:

  1. The soldier assigned to handle the radar
    Gazed with amaze, beyond the war...
    Beyond the planes, into the space
    He asked, "ARE WE ALONE?" (in uppercase)

    For us, fiction became a reality
    For him, it was his nationality;
    While the Milky Way was his nest,
    Jayasurya's land was where he took rest.

    With feet resting on the Andromeda
    And treating himself with Ayurveda
    Rests Arthur, on the bed of asteroids.
    "How does he sleep?", wonder silly humanoids --
    The "Clark's Orbit" in space
    Is nothing but his pillow case.