March 31, 2008

Excuse me your Honor, dead men tell no tales!

In the court, when the statement was read,
"There's something amiss Sir," he said;
"The victim has claimed
That I am to be blamed?
How the hell could he do so, being dead?"

MSN News 30/03/08: Ever heard of a dead person's statement being recorded? Well, that's exactly what Delhi Police did to solve an accident case! Eager to show that they were on top of things, police cited in court a statement of Sheikh Azibul Khan that was curiously recorded a year after he died in the accident. Get the story here


  1. Hi Aparna,

    You are an inspiration!

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  2. Everything's in order, but...
    They got the wrong Dutt.
    It wasn't the Virender
    Wasn't it Sanjay (I wonder)?
    Who was soaked in wine
    In Nineteen Eighty Nine.

  3. Hi Aparna,

    There's a funny joke that goes around in my state, the state of Orissa. It runs like this:

    An investigation was ordered on the complaint that the Block Development Officer had bungled the funds sanctioned for digging wells. When contacted, the smart BDO testified that the wells were actually dug but he could do precious little if the thieves chose to steal the well!

    And actually there were insurance claims for the stolen wells!

    No wonder, police made such a faux pas.