December 3, 2007

Said the BCCI, sans affection,
"A selectors sole task is selection.
So we have misgiving
In your choice of a living."
So he stopped writing in the sports section.

Then said BCCI, "this is cricket,
And as selector you're on sticky wicket.
You may nurse a peeve
But we can't let you leave."
So he stayed on and prayed for meal ticket.

But the Board again waved a red flag,
With the 7point guidelines and a gag.
And this got his goat,
So he wrote them a note,
"I am quitting, this job is a drag!"

NDTV.Com 02/12/07:


  1. First it was ganguly's saga then Dravid now Vengsarkar himself.Tomorrow it may be BCCI itself.Who know?Interesting things happens in Indian cricket and a Treat for limerick fans.Your other blog is nice.Reading it.

  2. Yes Sudhakar, Indian cricket continues to entertain both on and off the field :D

    Welcome to Newsmericks!