October 9, 2007

For Rezwanur: Let the "andar ki baat" see light of day

A young pair decided to wed,
The bride's dad in anger saw red.
(For there was a catch.
Their backgrounds didn't match.)
And soon, the young man, he was dead.

O how did he die? Was he slain?
Did he end his life under a train?
Let truth come to light
In Rezwanur's fight
And may he have not died in vain.

TOI 09/10/07: CPM veteran Jyoti Basu may be keeping up the heat in the Rizwanur Rahman case, demanding stern action against police officers, but the administration is doing little to speed up the probe into the death of the 30-year-old graphic designer. Get the story here

For those who are not aware of the Rizwanur case, here is a short background

*'andar ki baat', or 'the inside story' is the tagline of the Lux Cozi, an innerwear brand owned by Ashok Todi, father of the bride.


  1. I believe you have a special power,
    Which requires me to read this blog as I come out of my shower.

    I tried to view your rhyme from every aspect
    for I have nothing to do in this homing casket

    You, I believe, have a way with the words,
    while I'm just attempting to compete by matching these rolling turds!

  2. Thank you Silos and welcome to my blog.