August 17, 2007

BCCI woes

Cried the BCCI with a yell,
"There are more signing up? What the hell?
Let's ban every sonny
Who's lured by the money
Of that rogue rebel league, ICL!"

The Telegraph 17/08/07: The rebel Indian Cricket League has struck the game’s official body a “bolt from the blue”, luring away seven Hyderabad Ranji Trophy players with annual salaries they cannot hope to earn in an entire career playing domestic cricket. Get the story here


  1. It helps to have another body always.If the competition is healthy then ok.Otherwise things may turn turtle.

  2. Yes I's always good to have a choice.

  3. Anonymous10:35 AM

    If Kapil has his 'devilish' way
    (For he still holds some sway),
    The influx to ICL
    Is soon going to swell,
    Much to BCCI's worry and dismay!

  4. Hi Padmaja, welcome back!