July 13, 2007


In Rajkot, the moral cops quip,
"Our culture's at stake, crack the whip!
Ill-treating our wives,
Is a part of our lives -
How dare this babe protest and strip?"

IBNLive 13/07/07: On July 6, a young woman in Rajkot protested dowry harassment by walking semi-nude on the city streets.Twenty-two-year-old Pooja Chauhan hit headlines after she took to the shocking form of protest alleging torture by her in-laws and husband, embarrassing the police into filing a dowry harassment case under the Domestic Violence Act. But now there’s a fresh twist to the case. Get the story here

The other side of the coin:Now, husbands’ group comes to Pratap’s rescue


  1. Pooja's case probe many other womens to fight for justice..
    Many like her, is being harrased by her family but they dont dare to raise their voice..
    Hope, soon the justice will be done to her..
    Take care

  2. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Fun reading a blog
    that cuts thru clutter-n-fog
    It brings on smile
    and runs down the bile
    While sending the mind on a jog

  3. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Chanced upon it this afternoon
    Between deadlines that make you swoon
    And hundreds of chores
    And tens of bores
    Just fade as I try to find a better word than 'boon'

  4. Anonymous8:12 PM

    But let me tell you how
    I came here just now.
    It was a little debate
    With an office mate
    When she said I thought like a cow

    We were arguing about Puja Chauhan
    (Whose name people forget,but she's the Rajkot Woman)
    I said no one's writing her real story
    The media's reduced to intellectual penury
    But my colleague just said I'm less than a man

    So I fumed and fretted quietly
    I'm not good at arguing, you see
    Because I merely report
    for others to judge the import
    of events and people more loudly

    I write for a living
    The work's unforgiving
    But sometimes there's a kick
    as in your 'newsmerick'
    Maybe you've found your calling

  5. Hi Aparna. I am a student of NUJS, Kolkatta currently working at Breakthrough, Delhi. This post caught my eye as it very sensitively deals with the most pertinent issue of domestic violence against a woman desperately fighting for justice under the PWDVA, 2005. And you have managed to put the issue in focus quite well.
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