July 28, 2007


"Our Shambo the bull, is a God."
The Hindu, he said with a nod.
"So I find this prognosis
Of his tuberculosis,
A sacrilege, trifle too odd!"

Guardian 26/07/07: The long battle to save Shambo the temple bullock in the UK, ended when he was taken away for slaughter. Get the story here


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Except for the quote,
    (Have you taken note?)
    It is right after 'nod'
    Like a lonely sod,
    You've here sown a wild oat!

  2. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Sorry for posting this comment here, but the Comment box in the Obesity post is acting funny and swallowed up a couple of words. Here it is:
    Oh, I wouldn't worry,
Don't spare the curry,

    What's a little weight?

    You can take more freight,

    You won't in a hurry!
    Maybe you can delete that comment?